Friday, August 7, 2009


Ya know, when I was younger and still in school, we used to hear all these stories about corrupt and tyrannical governments like the Soviet Union and Red China and all of the horrible things they did to the people they ruled over. I remember thinking to myself "How could the people of these countries let these things happen? How does one allow the government to get so big and so powerful that they can just walk all over the very population that supports and pays for everything?" I also remember being very proud and thankful that I lived in a great, free country where nothing like that could ever happen.
Well, I no longer wonder how these things come about, and I'm no longer proud to live in a "free" country where these things could never happen. Instead, I'm seeing our once great nation spiral down into depths far worse than what I once considered atrocious. As we trade away more and more of our rights, liberties and freedoms, our so-called leaders lie directly to our faces as they rob us and our future generations blind. I watch and read the news everyday, hoping that there will be an article in the back of the paper or some disclaimer after a newscast denouncing the whole big mess as one giant hoax!
How could we let this happen? How can the officials who have sworn to uphold and defend our constitution get away with so many crimes against our nation? Why did we, the people, let them?
How can we regain control of our own country again and take our destiny back into our own hands?
To be honest, the outlook does not seem good.
Until we, the people, stop accepting the bold faced lies we're fed, stop mindlessly voting by party instead of by character, stop allowing our "representatives" to simply dismiss our complaints as being "manufactured" instead of taking them seriously, stop giving into the fear-mongering that has run so rampant since 9-11, we will never be a free country again.
Just in the past 2 days, I've heard that our public outrage over the upcoming health care laws is "manufactured;" that the people speaking out at the town hall meetings are (get this) "disrupting the democratic process," and are comparable to Nazi's, murderers, brown shirts, lynch mobs and Timothy McVeigh; protesters at these meetings are "too well dressed" or too organized to be taken seriously (excuse me?); that despite the (well deserved) ribbing congress gave the bankrupt car company's CEO's for flying private jets to their bail-out meeting, these hypocrites want $500 million to buy some planes for themselves; and of course the idea of reporting anyone who publicly or privately speaks out against the Obama administration's agendas so they can be tracked.
Has the whole country gone insane or what? Do we really think we can just keep on rolling along with these policies? Can we afford to just keep printing money until the dollar can be compared to the mighty peso? Can we trust a government that can't balance it's own budgets to run a national health care? Can we trust a president who is ushering in a new age of McCarthyism? Can we take seriously a national leader who says that people exorcising their freedom of speech are disruptive to democracy?
What ever happened to a government of the people, by the people, for the people? Wasn't that country supposed to never perish from the earth? When did it? Our elected officials ignore us. They disregard and disrespect our voices. They lie to our faces to gain power and then take our liberty in exchange for a false sense of security (Ben Franklin said some nasty things about that sorta thinking!). Who do they think they are? Where do they think they govern? This is America, dammit! We're not supposed to have Czars! Our representatives aren't supposed to ignore us and lie to us! They are supposed to represent us!